Tuesday, March 18, 2014

UK branded an 'Enemy of the Internet' by Reporters Without Borders

For the first time the UK has been included on Reporters Without Borders’ ‘Enemies of the Internet’, an annual list produced by the press watchdog to draw attention to countries disrupting freedom of information through censorship and surveillance.

Reporters sans frontières

Enemies of the Internet 2014: entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance

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Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting story Tap.
Cannot remember hearing about it in MSM.
This is the type of case Tappers are good at.
Are our MP's involved ??

Anonymous said...

Flight 370 latest.
Abel Danger says two USA Seals who were tracking the plane killed.

Anonymous said...
Supports Abel Danger.

Anonymous said...

you can tell whom TV programmes are aimed ay by the adverts in the breaks, because men wont join the army, they are using female actors in the adverts to get girls into the army, and these ads are being put into progs where young women watch.
So the next round of cannon fodder will be women