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ACTA Internet Control Imminent

Mr Low sends -

ACTA is almost dead. The treaty is heading towards the European Parliament next week where many people feel that it will be rejected after four committees rejected it as well. It will also receive a ruling from the European Court of Justice to see if ACTA was ever compatible with European law. It’s looking bad for the treaty that everybody hates, but one man won’t let it die.
Techdirt has stumbled across some troubling news that EU Commissioner, Karel De Gucht, will not let ACTA die. This isn’t one of those veiled threats either. He is deadset on making sure ACTA becomes law and he will ignore any ruling from any party to get what he, and the multinational interests backing the bill, want.
In a speech before parliament last week, De Gucht outlined his vision to get ACTA ratified. He’s still obviously trying to get the parliamentary vote, but that’s looking less likely every day. If it voted down, he will still keep on its case until a hearing comes from the European Court of Justice. Surely if the court strikes it down, he’ll just give up, right?
Unfortunately, De Gucht’s only quality is his persistence. He says that he’ll push for “clarifications” to the treaty to maybe sway more members of parliament and the public to his way of thinking. These “clarifications” will not change the bill in any meaningful way. It’s more like a sheep in wolves clothing tactic of trying to explain away some of the more damaging provisions in the treaty as harmless.
After our dear De Gucht has had time to buy convert more members of parliament over to his side, he will put ACTA before parliament again. He’s pushing this treaty like members of Congress push Internet bills in this country – keep pushing the same thing until it sticks.
It’s important to note that De Gucht will have to wait a while if ACTA is defeated by both parliament and the European Court of Justice. A defeat here would allow the anti-ACTA forces to retaliate and push for even stronger protections against treaties like ACTA. Hopefully European citizens actually care about the Internet and keep on the offensive after only one victory unlike our own country’s utter apathy towards CISPA after getting all hot and bothered over SOPA/PIPA.
The European Parliament is expected to make a decision on ACTA in the first week of July. We’ll keep you updated on any news. Just like the Euro Crisis, ACTA affects far more people than those in Europe. It will have massive ramifications on those of us in the U.S. since our own representatives decided to sign the treaty without asking permission from Congress first.

Doctors Know Nothing

Anonymous said...
My son was poisoned by an organophosphate ant killer when he was 8 years old. He was 27 this week and every day his life is pure hell. I am sitting by him now until he falls asleep.
He gets no medical help despite being diagnosed by experts in Btitain and the USA. IN fact our family has been demonised to the extent that we moved abroad for 6 years where he was at least treated withe respect, concern and dare I say love by the doctors who tried to help. There is little that can be done.
Tapestry said...
Actually you can get OPs out of a human body, as long as your son can sweat. Whatever load he is carrying can be greatly reduced, allowing his nervous system to recover. Farmers that know this get saunas installed in their houses, and sweat ever day. You lose other minerals that you need when you sweat, so a replacement program me of vital metals is a good idea. I saw many people recover from OP poisoning at the hospital I was in, in London. It takes years not weeks, but it does work.

I was poisoned with PCBs on my father's farm as a child. The effect of sweating saved me. I noticed that in tropical places I felt better. I didn't know why. Twenty years later I found out that it was sweating that was pulling the poisons out.

UK Needs Referendum On Joining The EU

Sackerson sends

The Talking Clock blog urges us to support Mr Douglas Carswell's Bill to repeal the 1972 Act that claimed to makes us members of the European Union. I comment:

I plan to write to Mr Carswell to ask him to withdraw his proposed Bill, on two (related) grounds: 

1. Parliament had no power to pass the 1972 Act. Without the express consent of the people, this constitutional change could not have taken place and therefore never did. The Act is ultra vires.

2. Therefore, there is no point in repealing an Act that has no force in law. There is no such Act. It falls, and so does everything (all subsequent Acts, regulations, directives etc) that depends on it or in any way arises from it.

Logically, Mr Carswell would do better to submit for consideration a Bill to arrange a referendum for the UK to JOIN the EU, since we are not now members. This would confirm to us all that he shares our view that we are not now in the EU, and also that to join would require the consent of the people in propria persona.

Mother Forced To Have Child Vaccinated.

Hi Tap, spotted this on ukcolumn from a day or two ago.


Irish Court Rules Against Mothers Right To Refuse Vaccination

A young mother, Clare O Sullivan from Waterford, Eire, who has refused consent for her young five year old son to be vaccinated was before the high court on the 18th of June 2012 in Dublin.

ARTICLE | JUNE 27, 2012 - 11:51AM

She was there to seek an injunction on an order from her local district court taken by the father of her child.

Ms O Sullivan, who was main organiser of the Awaken Ireland event in Waterford earlier this month, travelled in the early hours of the morning to Dublin from Waterford in an effort to seek an injunction on the order made by the district court. By the afternoon, in a private sitting, Clare invoked Article 41.1.1 of the Irish Constitution in the original direct literal translation:

"The State acknowledges that the family is the basic primary group-unit of/for society according to nature, and that it is a moral institution which has inalienable invincible rights which are more ancient and higher than any human statute."

However, the judge refused to accept the invocation of the article 41.1.1 of constitution and refused an injunction on the previous order.

This is clearly not only a violation of Ms O’Sullivan rights as a mother, but also a violation of the Irish Constitution itself.

Ms O Sullivan stated:

"these vaccinations are NOT mandatory in the Republic of Ireland. All parents are given a consent form to sign in a consent or 'I do not consent section'. I chose not to consent, I feel that I am acting in the best interests of my child and my decision is to protect him. I have every right to make this decision as the primary carer, natural mother, sole custodian and legal guardian of my son."

Alarmingly this is the second time in a week that the members of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) have refused to recognise the Constitution of Ireland. Last Friday Ben Gilroy invoked Article 40 Habeas Corpus in the High Courts in Dublin, which was passed between seven high court judges and completely ignored.

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Intel Officer Whistleblows 7/7 Inside Job

Speaking of whistle-blowers, this chap was fired from his job as an intelligence officer of 17 years for telling the truth about the 7/7 and 9/11 false-flags.

His views were 'incompatible' with the 'government narrative' and has been fighting the (complicit?/corrupt?) court system:

Undercover Journalist - Plans In Place To Evacuate London In Event Of Olympic Catastrophe

Hi Tap, I prepared a few e-Mails on Topical Issues to send, but during their preparation I came across the fact that a Journalist 'Infiltrated G4S, & actually applied & was accepted, for training, as one of the 'ZION' SECURITY STAFF at The Olympics. 

He then approached MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS, but was told there was a Blackout on this type of information.  [WASP:-  ARE THES PEOPLE ALREDY BRAIN DEAD?]

- G4S security staff have been caught doing drug deals while in training with no retribution. Uniforms have also been handed out to unauthorized personnel as well as uniforms being stolen. G4S staff have also been caught taking photographs on their cellphones of secure locations.

Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal

 June 28th, 2012  Robert

Revelations about casket linings, plan for evacuation of London blacklisted
By Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, June 28, 2012
British news channel ITV has whitewashed the Olympics security scandal by failing to mention the explosive revelations of ‘Lee Hazledean’, an undercover journalist who infiltrated G4S, the world’s largest security provider, and blew the whistle on how 200,000 casket linings have been prepared for a terrorist attack that could prompt the evacuation of London.
oly stad 2119086c Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal
The ITV report focuses on comparatively tame “security breaches” such as improper training of employees and their failure to conduct sufficient vehicle checks in preparation for the London Olympics which begins on July 27.

The report also reveals how sniffer dogs tasked with finding explosives have not even been trained in bomb detection. It also highlights how lorries and vans belonging to contractors have not been adequately searched.

The report also reveals how sniffer dogs tasked with finding explosives have not even been trained in bomb detection. It also highlights how lorries and vans belonging to contractors have not been adequately searched.

- Hazledean was able to get the job of a security officer via a simple application process. No background checks were carried out and his personal references were not checked.

- Hazledean was successful in taking guns, knives and explosives through both metal detectors and body scanners on numerous occasions during dummy runs.

- Hazledean was told that metal detectors and body scanners would be deactivated at peak times in order to get crowds into the Olympic venue quicker.
- Hazledean was also informed that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four dead bodies each have been shipped into London in preparation for the Games.
- Thousands of foreign troops under the auspices of the United Nations have also been brought into London.
- Plans for an evacuation of London in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack have been discussed at great length. G4S employees were briefed on the evacuation plan to a greater extent than the time spent on training them to conduct security screening.

Not a single one of these revelations appeared in the ITV News piece. Other news networks like Channel 4 refuse to cover the story at all.

The ITV REPORT, failed to mention that system was designed to fail.
There are also going to be PREDATOR DRONES CIRCLING OVERHEAD,so lets hope the are not controlled by G4S Security Staff!
REGARDS  ...............  WASP

Sir Richard Doll Murdered Hundreds As An Experiment


In the early1970s the English Channel was the busiest area for shipping traffic in the world, and would often be used by various nations for testing defence initiatives.

One night an experiment was carried out from a boat when the wind was blowing toward the British coast,  the lids were taken off 3 large metal containers so the fine dust would be blown across to shore,
 We later discovered that this was a British Porton Down chemical gas experiment on its own people.
During the early seventies, many toxic gas experiment were conducted by the British government on its own subjects, and we sold Saddham Hussein similar toxic gas cannisters, Saddham was installed and run by British and US authorities, and fought an 8 year war with Iran, because Israel were worried Iran was too powerful, his reward promised by the USA was that he could take back Kuwait previously annexed by the British, but when we moved into Kuwait, we all then remember what happened.

The Civil Defence assoc, was a national military unit, who were taught what to do if the Soviets initiated any ICBM attack with germ or gas warheads, the training involved dealing with a high altitude attack to spread germs thinly over a wide area, a mid range attack or a low level attack which would give the missiles the remit to explode their payout over a single city with maximum coverage and death rate,
the advantage of such a weapon was that the people would asphixiate, leaving all buildings and structures intact,
incidentally the chemical formula for sarin gas is similar to the asthma inhaler Serevent and Advair, but more concentrated.

This same chemical warfare unit would release certain germ warfare gases on the British underground, some times during the day and some at rush hours to monitor from doctors and hospitals the virulency of the sickness reports, these experiments were held regularly and we were told it was just for common cold and flu.
The London underground was also used for S.A.S hostage manoeuvers at night, and these gas weapons were also tested over Swindon in Wilts and particularly over the East Anglia region.
The London Cage was designed to interrogate and torture captured Germans after the war, officially approx 3,500 were held here, many others unofficially.

Leut. Alexander Scotland saw many men tortured to death and used in Porton Down germ warfare experiments, documentation of much of this and the experiments on the public under cover of these “common cold experiments” up until the sixties are now held in Soviet archives, assisted by the huge numbers of British socialist sympathizers, it was felt that of the many animal experiments carried out none was predictive of how humans would cope with the various gas attacks.

In the late seventies gas cannisters were released over London, Essex and various other parts of Britian
 in larger Porton Down people experiments, to determine the spread of disease as a weapon of war,
Much of this documentation contains the signature of Sir Richard Doll. 
The numbers of soldiers developing gulf war sickness, which contaminates their children and grandchildren was denied by the very government that sent them into this war.
The real causes of illness like Morgellons disease, and the multiple chemical sensitivity
range of disorders lie here.

A splendid article in The Daily Mail of Dec 30 2006, blew the lid on the clusters of cancers that are 20% higher in East Anglia, this among other conditions, such as bad coughs and strange chest infections from secret clouds of toxic gas releases, are well known to doctors at the Kings Lynn Hospital, who have also seen clusters of children born with ear complaints, which they are told to put down to crop spraying chemicals in the area, and chemical contaminants in the water supplies.

The Norwich hospital has as its chest specialist, Dr. Harrison, a controversial figure with an unpleasant highly superior attitude to patients who is said by staff to be “in the know”
about hospital research into spiraling chest conditions in the area such as cancer, asthma and C.O.P.D and is said to conceal much data that lie within the Chem-trails arena.
Restricted documentation exists that suggest a possible link with cot death syndrome,
 and house spraying with the pesticide organophosphate Methyl Parathion, which is said to bring on  occasional infant respiratory arrest.

Between the years 1957 and 1964 the Daily Mail under newly released documentation, says over 100 secret experiments were carried out by government on its own people, most of the tests were in heavy metal cadmium distribution which is linked particularly  to throat cancers.

The M.O.D of course dismisses the findings as no risk, but then why if there were no risk was it all done in secret ?
It is time now for some degree of transparency, we have just murdered Saddham Hussein for gas attacks on his own people, and hopefully some prosecutions will now follow in Britain for the same crimes, but don’t hold your breath, while doctors in hospitals still cover up what is going on
T Stokes London

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did The Miliband Brothers Scam GBP 60 Billion Carbon Credit Deal? They Don't Reply.

Anon writes -

I suppose the name you' re after is Mrs Clegg - as she is one of the main people on the European Wimd Turbine Co.

As for Carbon Credit scams,  check out the Milliband Brothers. They've been asked before ( but won't answer) what is their involent in a £60 billion credit 'deal'.

And check out David Milliband and Caroline Flint's involvement with J Budge Mining in Doncaster. They got him a £68 million grant when in power for a Carbon Capture scheme. 

He sold out and nobody knows where the money went. His local constituents have written to them but they won't answer. 

NASA Aerosol In S.E.Asia Cancelled This Year

Nasa has cancelled its plan to carry out a mission to study clouds and climate in Southeast Asia due to Thailand's failure to grant approval by Thailand in time for the study to begin, its website has announced.

"On June 26, 2012, NASA cancelled the SEAC4RS mission, which was scheduled to begin in August 2012, due to the absence of necessary approvals by regional authorities in the timeframe necessary to support the mission's planned deployment and scientific observation window," the Nasa website announced.
Nasa's twitter site has also announced the cancellation, saying: "We have, unfortunately, had to call off this airborne science mission planned for Southeast Asia this year."
The Thai government has declined to approve Nasa's request to use Utapao and will first hold a parliamentary debate on the issue. However, the parliament will convene the next meeting on August 1, which would be too late for the Nasa to start the mission as scheduled.
The SEAC4RS or the Southeast Asia Composition, Cloud, Climate Coupling Regional Study was initially planned to be NASA’s most complex and ambitious airborne science campaign of the year.
Had the plans been approved by the Thai government, the SEAC4RS would take to the field in August. The campaign was led by Brian Toon, chair of the University of Colorado's Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
Dr Toon is a veteran of NASA airborne campaigns, including flights to study the Antarctic ozone hole and the atmospheric effects of volcanic eruptions.
Parliament President Somsak Kiartsuranon said the planned parliamentary debate on Nasa's request would be cancelled now that Nasa would no longer use Utapao.
Informed by reporters of Nasa's announcement, Somsak said he was sorry that Nasa had cancelled the project.
Some scientists believe that Southeast Asia is the primary place where new air is transported into the stratosphere. SEAC4RS is designed to investigate that hypothesis and provide new insights into exactly what the effects are of pollution vapours and tiny particles called aerosols that reach the stratosphere. SEAC4RS is to address issues of global concern, according to information posted on the US space agency’s website.
NASA proposed to base its SEAC4RS aircraft in Thailand so that they can sample the two big meteorological drivers of the region’s atmospheric circulation: the summertime monsoon circulation to the west and marine convection to the east and south that can loft emissions into the stratosphere, NASA said.

TAP - Phew!  No chemtrailing over Manila this year then.  The Christmas holidays will be a good rest for the baby's lungs.  He's struggling in the UK on occasions.  The office staff say everyone they know is struggling with a chest complaint.  The aerosol clouds are toxic, sure enough.  Lucky Thailand won't be getting a nasty dose just yet.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GM Foods. Beautiful Theory. Nightmare Reality.

Hi Tap,

Picked up a couple of articles which I feel are worthy of mention by
"The fact is that we're not making any more land. If we're going to
feed a growing population, raise the poorest out of poverty and
address these problems of food security, then in some cases GM may
actually be the answer. We've got to look for a significant and
sustainable intensification of agriculture".
"If we get it right, if we capture this opportunity, then we could
really see the UK benefit. If we get it wrong then we'll see museum
agriculture in Europe for the next 20 years".

Kind regards,

England's Glorious Summer Is Absent. Wait For The Coming Ice Attack.

Remember skies like this - before the aerosol spraying started.  Clouds were distinct and separate from each other.  Blue meant blue.  The aerosols have whited the sky, merging clouds into one, making blue more white.  The heat of the sun doesn't get through any more.

TAP context - I suggested the aerosol skies were blocking out the sun making the weather unseasonably cold.

Julia wrote -

My raspberries aren't ripening either. And lots of slug attacks on the green leaf crops that I don't normally get. I agree the chems are blocking out the sun. It's affecting everyone even without the
poison factor (which I am never sure is the main factor anyway!).

TAP - Don't underestimate the increase in respiratory troubles in kids.

JULIA -  I feel a bit homesick too, ... homesick for nice weather and a more normal summer. It is hardly the best conditions to show off England! Will it pick up for the Olympics?

Comment from woken up -

TAP The second picture from the Daily Mail's article, claiming these are 'contrails' that have spread out.  These are chemtrails, not contrails.  They are changing our climate.  Their effect will 
be to severely freeze us in the winter.

woken up -
I see they're trying to 'normalise' chemtrails in the msm as they're obviously getting too many people waking up.
This article says it's all down to more aircraft flying around and is a good thing.
It doesn't explain why a passenger jet would go around in circles or backtrack or criss cross the sky. Maybe the pilot had to go back for his sandwiches ;)
It also doesn't explain why the aircraft never appear on planefinder etc. Or why aircraft flying at the same altitude emit the standar contrail that clears after a few seconds compared to the 24 hr spread of the chemtrail.


I saw a re make of 'The Railway Children' recently and they had gone to the trouble of adding chemtrails. Unbelievable. 

TAP  The same as Julia saw in 'The Man Who Fell To earth' from 1976.  I wonder what winter be like if this is summer.  They didn't get their Global Warming off the ground, so they rebranded the situation as Climate Change.  Now they're changing the climate to fit the new narrative.

The BP Gulf undersea oil 'spill' is slowing the Gulf Stream.  The aerosol skies are blocking out the sun.  They are planning a massive freeze to justify their political program of Global Government.  That means people should be ready with clothes, fuel and insulation to cope with minus 20 degrees centigrade across Northern Europe.

See earlier post on the slowing Gulf Stream.  The BP Gulf oil spill disaster had all the hallmarks of a deliberate event.  There must be a plan to achieve massive climate change across Northern Europe, now being put into effect.  They don't bugger about, these globalists.  It all fits together.

UPDATE - It's not just the northern hemisphere.

From Facebook Friend -

Grrrr. Coldest day since 1978
 ·  · about an hour ago near Miami, Queensland, Australia.· 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Netanyahu - Attack Iran Before US Elections In November.

"Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. Elections in November."

By Michael Carmichael
Global Research, June 24, 2012

URL of this article:

Senior Israeli officials now confirm that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has, "decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November."

Netanyahu's agenda is much broader than knocking out Iranian nuclear installations for his aim is to reshape the political landscape in the USA and Israel shifting everything to the far, far right in order to create a new comfort zone for religious fundamentalists.

Netanyahu's major backer, Sheldon Adelson, is now firmly behind Mitt Romney, and they are known to believe that an Israeli attack on Iran in September or October will displace Obama and many dovish Democrats in Congress and establish a hawkish regime in Washington.

Israel has agreed to restrain any attack on Iran until after the current round of five talks between Iran and the P5+1 that will come to an end in either late July or August: 

"U.S., Israel continue preparations for strike on Iran nuclear facilities.
The website cites U.S. defense contracts and Israel's new military preparations, suggesting that 'all sides are getting ready for whatever may come.'
Israel and the U.S. are pushing forward with preparations to jointly strike Iran's nuclear facilities, the U.S. blog Business Insider reported on Saturday.
"U.S. defense contracts, an Iranian F-16 acquisition, and Israel's new military preparations suggest that all sides are getting ready for whatever may come," the report says.
According to the blog, the U.S navy has recently signed a $338 million contract with defense contractor Raytheon to "provide the Navy with 361 Tomahawk cruise missiles in their most recent configuration. According to the website, the U.S. is either renewing its stock of missiles or planning ahead.
"On May 9," the report added, "the U.S. House of Representatives passed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which seeks to "reaffirm the commitment to Israel's security as a Jewish state; provide Israel with the military capabilities to defend itself by itself against any threats... [and] expand military and civilian cooperation."
A senior Israeli official recently told Reuters that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November." (Haretz, June 23, 2012, emphasis added)
Military experts have long agreed that the "sweet spot" for an Israeli attack on Iran will be this coming September or October precisely because of the timing of the US presidential election cycle.
For maximum political impact and minimal diplomatic responsiveness, the time of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC - September 3-6 comes within this window of opportunity as well as the days immediately prior to the US election - say from Halloween till the 6th of November.

It may be instructive to recall that Israel's Operation Cast Lead was timed to coincide with the transition between Obama and Bush and ended abruptly immediately before the Inauguration in January 2009. 

Presidential election cycles have played major roles in the design of military timetables.  For only one example, recall the Tet Offensive in early 1968 that drove LBJ out of the race for the White House.

COMMENT sent in.

Olympics 'will not be easy target'

It is impossible to guarantee the security of the Olympic Games and an unexpected threat may be the most dangerous, the head of MI5 has said. Jonathan Evans, director general of the Security Service, said there was no doubt that some terrorist groups had considered whether they could pull off an attack on Britain this summer.

He insisted the Games were not an easy target, but added that there was "no such thing as guaranteed security". Giving his first public speech in almost two years just one month before the Olympics begin, Mr Evans said the Games were "at the forefront of our minds". "The preparations have gone well but planning for the future is always planning for uncertainty," he said. "The Games present an attractive target for our enemies and they will be at the centre of the world's attention in a month or so.

"No doubt some terrorist networks have thought about whether they could pull off an attack. "But the Games are not an easy target and the fact that we have disrupted multiple terrorist plots here and abroad in recent years demonstrates that the UK as a whole is not an easy target for terrorism." Lone individuals sympathetic to al Qaida's cause are believed to be one of the major concerns being considered by the security services and police in the run-up to the Games, it is understood.

All leave has been suspended at MI5 to ensure the service has its full complement of some 3,800 staff for the Olympics, double the number it had a decade ago after the September 11 terror attacks.

Oil Price Falls. Petrol Price Rises.

Hi Tap, I have been wasting my time sending comments into The D.M.
Here is just one on  a particular item that they would not Print, relating to our OLD FRIEND PETROL, because we still use it for an Outdated Technology ( 140 + years old, to keep The Parasite Banker in Luxury ).
The Production of The Electric AUTOMOBILE was stopped by them in The 1930's - DO YOU REMEMBER THE ELECTRICALLY POWERD MILK FLOATS, they just disappeared off of our roads years ago.

They are Building WINDMILLS, when they should be Investigating  Electron Capture Technology   
 'COLD FUSION' , Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction "LANR" If you are interested  ( Main Site ), I wonder why that is then?

 CAMERON'S FAMILY WERE INVOLVED WITH 'WIND MILLS' at one time, I don't know if they still are. They need the myth of global warming for the propagation of these inefficient Alternative Energy Technologies, which are "NICE LITTLE EARNERS" It is possible that The Elite have this as a Working System Already, Just Ideal To POWER THEIR 'DUMBS' don't you Think. DARPA seem to rate it.

From 'Rightwing Rumblings'

Petrol prices will rise again as motorists must accept higher taxes to help clear Britain's debt,


Justine Greening wants to push petrol companies to slash the cost of fuel at the pumps instead

  • Rise will be 3.02p per litre from August
  • It means cash-strapped families could have to fork out £1.40 per litre of petrol.

TAP -  The oil price has fallen to $87 from $105.  So what happens?  Gas/petrol prices rise again.

Read more:

Transport Secretary Justine Greening said she was not prepared to stand in the way of the rise in fuel duty

Motorists will almost certainly have to pay 3.02p more for their fuel at the pumps to help pay-off Britain's debts, a senior minister has admitted.
Transport Secretary Justine Greening said she was not prepared to stand in the way of the rise in fuel duty expected to come into effect in August.

It means already cash-strapped families will have to fork out more than £1.40 a litre for petrol - most of which is tax. 
The move also sparks fears that the country could see a repeat of fuel protests similar to those seen in September 2000 when petrol pumps ran dry during a series of rolling blockades on the country's motorway networks.
Miss Greening she said wants to focus on pushing petrol companies to slash the cost of fuel at the pumps, to bring it in line with the falling cost of oil globally. 
Former Treasury minister Miss Greening told the Daily Telegraph said: 'The taxes that we get in fund the public services that we all rely on. 
'Surely it’s better to challenge the petrol retailers to pass on reductions to motorists and actually I think that’s probably the most important thing to do.'
At present, 57.95p is taken in fuel duty for every litre bought on diesel and unleaded. VAT adds another 20 per cent - around 24p at current prices.
If the fuel duty rise is rubber stamped, it will mean almost 61p out of every litre of bought will go in duty. 
Fuel duty and VAT has kept petrol prices artificially high despite the falling cost of crude oil, although petrol prices have fallen this month by 4p for the second month running.  
Also, today three supermarkets, Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco vowed to slash the price of fuel at the forecourt passing on savings to customers from falling oil prices.

Breakdown of the cost of fuel from August when a 3.02p increase will be applied

Miss Greening said it was important that the Treasury focus on cutting the deficit in light of what is happening to some countries in Europe. Ministers will be left to find £1.5billion to plug the income gap if the fuel duty rise is pulled. 


Another one of my comments to the DM that never got Published :-





When did we The British Public, the Electorate who you never represent, ask you  & your Cronies to Borrow vast sums of FIAT MONEY from The Central Banks, that we have to pay the interest on?



IT IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF GANGSTERS, AS ARE THE HIGHER  STRATA, & THEIR RESPECTIVE , ECHELONS, viz The Bilderbergers, Committee of Rome, Fortune 500,Committee of 300, etc,  & The Pilgrims.

REGARDS  ............  WASP