Wednesday, December 05, 2012

1984 in 2012

JULIA writes -

In the book 1984, it is Winston's job to edit and rewrite all the facts, past, future, and present. So that they all fit the current declarations of the Party. There are many thousands of others doing the same thing. They are sent instructions of exactly what to edit and how, and that's what they do. They work in The Ministry of Truth, which is a giant pyramid shaped building in London. 

There are many clues in the book as to exactly what's going on now. 

Big Brother of 2012

I am reading Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, well worth a reread, since so much of it is actually happening now. There are also some interesting differences between the book and now. My teenage son found the book boring because it wasn’t really like fiction! No wonder the book is no longer on the list for schools. And no wonder Amazon recently deleted it remotely from people’s Kindles, in true Big Brother style.

Comfortable prisons…
I would say that conditions are more comfortable now than in 1984. We have more comfortable homes, and much nicer food, and far more materialism. Though I cant speak for everyone in the country, or the world. The greater comfort might make us less willing to protest.
We have more Telescreens now! People pay a lot of money to get them in every room in their house, and carry them around in their pockets and bags. In 1994, they did not pervade the countryside or the areas occupied by the proles.
Newspeak is set up to reduce people’s thought. First by reducing the language to the frame of reference in which they want you to think. Then after a while, peoples thoughts become limited by the language, since language is the only known method of communication. It reminds me of Latin, which is a very logical, computer style language, designed rather than evolved. The good news is that though Latin did have and still has a controlling effect, there are plenty of deviations about. In 1984, when Winston writes in his secret diary, the language spills out without punctuation and grammar, which is reminiscent of the breaking down of rules in text language today. This breaking of barriers is reflected in the mind, and is a good thing.
The lottery…
Orwell writes about the lottery as the major pastime of the poor, the proles. That’s odd because the Lottery was brought in by John Major, way after George Orwell died. This was John Major’s major achievement, which always puzzled me at the time. But now I see why it’s so important. It’s a tax on the poor to pay for the rich, or for projects to further manipulate the poor. It also keeps the poor in a state of constant hope, so they don’t protest.
The barman in 1984 serves drinks in litres, pints not allowed, which is odd, because when I was at school in the 60′s and 70′s, we still had the old measurements. So how did Orwell know what was coming?
Was for the purpose of children in 1984. All children were conceived by artificial insemination, and brought up in institutions. No sexual attraction required, or even allowed. Eventually the kids turn on their parents, as they are trained to do by the state. This is the way it is heading right now. I also suspect that the target is to grow babies in incubators before too long, so there is no physical connection to the mother at all. That vital human connection must be severed for complete control.
The Sex instinct…
This is hijacked by the party in 1984. The innate sexual energy in everyone is diverted towards all the chanting, and passion behind the Party. Nowadays, sex is prescribed to be dutiful within marriage, or is completely distorted into drunken Saturday night partying, or paedophilia. Kids are indoctrinated from a young age with sex education, films, books, and subliminal programming. Anything to drive them away from a natural path.
Is used extensively to control and numb the masses. Sounds familiar.
Hiding your feelings…
Noone must show their true feelings. If they do, they are liable for arrest for thought crime. I have to say, I often feel like this myself, but to a lesser degree than in 1984. My thoughts seem to be too different from everyone else’s around me, and I often feel limited by what I can express without causing constant conflict.
History rewritten…
This bit is brilliant. Huge teams of people constantly rewrite history and newspapers, so that noone really knows what the history was, and all the forecasts of the Party turn out to be right. Can we know history anyway? Or is it always, at best, a guess? The past and future are written and controlled by the Party. I would say that is very similar to now, except we have more escaped bits of information and more mavericks around. And we have the Internet.
No Internet…
This is a crucial difference between 2012 and 1984. We have the Internet. We have alternative news sources. We can interact with each other. We know there are others who think along the same lines. We know we are not alone. There are too many of us for them to get. We can have faith in our own power. 1984 was going to be called “The Last Man In Europe”, the implication being that Winston was the only one left thinking how he did. He probably wasn’t the only one left, but was brainwashed into thinking he was.
War stories…
The films at the cinema are all about War. People laugh at others being blown up. Very like 2012, our newspapers and TV are full of war, and many people are completely desensitised to it.
They are constantly buzzing overhead. Same now, except we have planes too.
2 Minutes Hate…
This was a daily compulsory practise for party members. It reminds me of the day of death worship that we have now on 11/11, with the 2 minutes silence. Whether you meditate in silence, or chant noisily and angrily, It’s the same effect of focussing a lot of group energy on one negative thing.
The Party constantly churns out statistics that are entirely made up. Statistics for boot production and other pointless measurements. We get fed a lot of that nowadays, and not only do I wonder about its accuracy, I also wonder about the point of it, unless it is to manipulate. The real truth is to be found around us in our everyday life, and through people we know and meet, through our own experience.
Community Centres…
It was almost compulsory to attend these kind of things in 1984. To make sure you looked right, looked keen. Play your obligatory table tennis, and have a pint with someone you didn’t want to talk to. I have noticed that a lot of people these days are busy with lots of organised activities in their spare time. So they don’t actually have any spare time. But they do have a good “CV” that makes up an acceptable identity. It’s even required for jobs these days, and to get into Uni! And thus people have a full diary. No time to think freely, or find out how it feels to do something spontaneous.
The Ministry of Truth is responsible for education, news, entertainment and music. To indoctrinate and keep the masses busy. Machines write books. I am sure many books are written by machines now, as are newspaper articles, and the music on the radio sounds exactly like it has been computer generated.
George Orwell…
…died in 1950, only 6 months after the book was published. He was 46 years old. It seems that he was intent on fighting his illness to complete the book. Knowing what I know now about people being assassinated, I wonder if Orwell was killed off? He was surely becoming a big threat to the plan.
The Fabian Society…
Orwell is a bit of a maverick. He should have been at the top of the elite. He went to Eton, belonged to the Fabian Society, (a big player in the global agenda), and was generally groomed for an elite life. But somewhere along the line, he rebelled against this, and saw the truth around him.
Why 1984?…
It seems there was some debate about the title of the book. Noone seems to know why this date was chosen. It’s possible that 1984 was chosen because that was the target date for the World Controllers to achieve what they wanted. If that’s the case, then I would say they are behind schedule.  ENDS

Not in New York, sadly.


Anonymous said...


Not sure what to make of all this,

re Michael Jackson

A while ago i viewed a youtube video re an album & mason connections, jaw dropping.

(maybe Dangerous ? see album cover explaination!! )

Just been surfing and many are being blocked?!!??


Michael Jackson - Symbolism in Smooth Criminal


Here is the latest I've viewed, some 20x 10+min videos available now & duplicated by many youtuber's

Michael Jackson Symbolism Part 1of 14 رموز مايكل جاكسن جزء .

Many relate to the intended? meanings behind the design, content & songs in the original albums.

Your thoughts folks please?


Anonymous said...

Is the plan to stop smoking really to weaken folks immune system for the future killing programmes?

Drinking is also an area where many enjoy a freedom!!?!! but by persisting to control everyone to reduce consumption by increasing price.

is there really another agenda here?


Woodsy42 said...

"Winston's job to edit and rewrite all the facts,"
And now we have Wikipedia to do it for us.

opsimath said...

A fine and well-researched piece of work - thank for for bringing it to us. The Internet will very shortly be lost to us when the UN, in the guise of the ITU, take control of it; they are doing that at this very moment.

We are about to be deprived of our sight and hearing and then they will do whatever they like to us.

Anonymous said...

'Is the plan to stop smoking really to weaken folks immune system for the future killing programmes? '

Gosh, hope not, gave up smoking 3 months ago and now vaporising instead, must say though been getting cold like symptoms on and off in this time and nasty spots that take forever to go away, not to mention cravings for the real thing.

wasp said...

You have homed in on some very interesting interesting concepts Julia, as you point out the Illuminati, are lagging behind somewhat, in their Globalisation Programme.

Putin who was one of them, has not made it to easy for them. When he "Changed Horses Mid Stream", he became the Puppet Who is starting to Control The Puppet Masters. He Kicked the Illuminati Out, & has become his Own Man, as Russia is Rich in Natural Resources, which they want, he is also a firm supporter of the Orthodox Eastern Church, COPTIC CHRISTIANS, I believe.

Putin, also has several other levers, he can operate, that they don't like, that is why they have tried to Shaft Him on numerous occassions viz Vinlenko,etc, which is another story. A very Erudite Summary of a well known Work.

REGARDS ............ WASP

Anonymous said...

Tap, you might be interested in this, fits in well with 1984....It's called Universal Job Match & Universal credit, that is being forced on the Unemployed with threats of sanctions.....

Julia said...

Thanks WASP.
The plan in 1984 was to merge Russia with Europe to become Eurasia. The UK was not to be part of this, but to be merged with the Americas and Australia and some of S.Africa, to be called Oceania. Most of the rest was Eastasia.

I spotted awhile ago that we have US, YOU and THEM, as defined by the restrictions of our Latin based language. There are only three groups allowed by language, and this restricts our thinking to these three groups.

US is US, plus UK, plus Australia, plus S.Africa.
YOU is EU.
THEM is the rest, Eastasia.

They are behind schedule, and as far as I can work out, the natural forces will be swinging round like a changing wind, very shortly, and their power will drop away. Largely because their power is our power which they have hijacked. I think people will stop giving their power away very shortly. The peak of awakening will be around the 20th Dec, like a big wave through people's minds. Some of us are leading the way ahead of the peak, and others will be at the back of the wave. That's the natural shape of the wave, it takes all of us to make the shape right.
That's how I see it anyway!

Anonymous said...

I'm very surprised there hasn't been more outrage in the alternative media over Theresa May's claims that only terrorists, criminals and paedophiles should be against her Big Brother internet surveillance bill. Think about it! This woman is a senior member of a governing party who only 22 years ago had a known and self-confessed paedophile, Sir Peter Morrison, in a very senior government position - Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher. According to Edwina Currie, a former senior Tory minister herself, everyone in this Tory government knew of Morrison's penchant for young boys and "sniggered" about it. Rod Richards, another former Tory MP has also stated that Morrison was a known paedophile. Before becoming PPS to Mrs T, Morrison had been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party by none other than Norman Tebbit - David Icke has some interesting comments on this aspect of the Morrison affair on his site today. But seriously! What kind of surreal parallel universe do we live in when a governing party that not only shielded known paedophiles, but promoted them to very important positions in government, can now play the paedophile card as a pretext for more Big Brother surveillance? The term "nauseating hypocrisy" does not even begin to describe it! Where are all the supposedly rabidly anti-Tory Guardianistas now? One would have assumed they'd have been all over the Morrison story like a rash for the last few weeks, if only to discomfit their supposed sworn enemies - the Thatcherite wing of the Tory Party. Far from it - the media on both "left" and "right" have studiously ignored the Morrison revelations and show every signs of continuing to do so indefinitely. Which is why the vile May feels confident enough to come out with this truly sickening statement. Just to be clear: I'm not suggesting that there haven't been plenty of paedophiles in the Tory upper echelons since the Thatcher era and in Nulabour as well. It's just that all the stuff about Morrison is in the public realm, and unlike the McAlpine case, no one disputes the details. Furthermore, unlike McAlpine, Morrison is dead, so the media cannot cite fear of being sued as an excuse for not dwelling on the story.

Toad Hall said...,136WQ,6VZOOQ,3DDD6,1

A new state-of-the-art closed-circuit television (CCTV) control hub – with access to cameras covering virtually the whole of west London – was opened today.
The new CCTV hub, which can stream images from around 800 cameras, will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and utilises the latest high definition, infra-red and LED technology.