Friday, August 31, 2012

Bristol Radio Station spills the beans

Man gets paid GBP 1000 a day to fix elections.

Psychological warfare movie mentioned called 'Don't shoot the messenger'.  

How the masses are manipulated.

Dropped off in comments.

South African nuclear weapons story.  Where did the weapons all go?  Three were sold for cash to the British Government.  Conservatives were paid 17.5 million in 1992 (in Hansard).  Michael Heseltine got a pay-off.  Dr David Kelly was involved, as was David Cameron.  Weapons were moved to Oman, a British puppet state.

The weapons were lost when a middleman sold them on to someone else.

In 1991 the USA  lost 8 nuclear bombs in the sea off Africa.  The same middleman got hold of these bombs.

Peter Lillie gave Tara Andrea Davison a sexually transmitted disease.  She was also involved in the GBP 17.5 million pay-off to the Conservatives, and has a lot of knowledge as to who got what.

This guy talks on a Bristol Radio Station each week.  Whistleblower extraordinaire. 

Is this the same?

Try tony gosling on bcfm


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Morse shocking videos this time taken by Andrea Davison herself. Scraping the barrel saying she has a sexually transmitted disease from Peter Lilly. Why is it heroines and murdered spys are always accused of having sexual problems? What sort of people make up these lies errr its the very people who are keeping us all in chains

Jamie Peters said...

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