Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did The Miliband Brothers Scam GBP 60 Billion Carbon Credit Deal? They Don't Reply.

Anon writes -

I suppose the name you' re after is Mrs Clegg - as she is one of the main people on the European Wimd Turbine Co.

As for Carbon Credit scams,  check out the Milliband Brothers. They've been asked before ( but won't answer) what is their involent in a £60 billion credit 'deal'.

And check out David Milliband and Caroline Flint's involvement with J Budge Mining in Doncaster. They got him a £68 million grant when in power for a Carbon Capture scheme. 

He sold out and nobody knows where the money went. His local constituents have written to them but they won't answer. 

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Anonymous said...

i told you TAP a while ago ( re 1993) i recieved a strange big thin 2 sided A3 approx leaflet from the USA that as a neo conservative i could have whatever i wanted. looks like many took it seriously,

i wanted to keep my soul.