Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Youtube Strips Sound Out Of Nigel Farage Video. Break Up The Euro And Restore Human Dignity.ak

They obviously didn't like what he had to say, the sound has been cut. 
It was working yesterday. this is obvious meddling as I have rechecked the Link & sound has been cut.

Hereis another link onsame issue & they have cut sound on it too.


Here is a Transcript


VIDEO: Nigel Farage Explains Why Greece Needs a Floating Drachma
Thursday, May 24, 2012 – by Staff Report
President, we're in the midst of an economic and increasingly humanitarian crisis and yet Commission president Barroso is not here. Indeed, Herman van Rompuy is not here either. Not that it really matters, because they're not prepared to listen to any debate or any argument. They're intent on pursuing their political dream of a United States of Europe. They're prepared to commit economic suicide for an entire continent. – YouTube

I have found one with sound that works.


REGARDS ....... WASP  Sound put back. Maybe realising censorship can be counteproductive...maybe!

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Nivek said...

top link worked okay for me.