Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Illuminati Have Run Out Of Excuses

This TV exchange between an Irish journalist and a German banker shows how the matrix has run out of excuses. The people of Ireland are being required to bail out European Banks without any possible justification. In fact the same goes for the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal - in fact the people of the world. The collapse of confidence amongst the Illuminati, the mass resignation of bankers across the globe, is dramatically reflected in this TV exchange. There are no plausible excuses for what is happening.

As the words dry up, so too is the justification for the longterm tyranny that has brought the world to its current state.

They say that money talks. Here it has ceased to talk. Was this the day the system failed, when it failed to speak. Without words, there is no power remaining. The Illuminati are over.

David Icke tells Alex Jones the Rothschilds agenda is starting to fall to pieces. The Rothschild Zionists are finding harder to work through anonymity. They are starting to panic, says Icke, and make mistakes.


Zheng Yong said...


Happy belated 1st month anniversary(you were married on the 20/2/2012).

Russell Sprout said...

chemtrails MSM coverage

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Anonymous said...

Excellent video and info. I absolutely love this new revelation of the hopeful collapse of the NWO Zionist agenda.