Monday, September 26, 2011

London Gold Market Closed. Why?

The panic hitting precious metals is having consequences. Clearly this is not meant to be happening. They're even closing the gold exchanges, the selling pressure is that great.

Here is link showing closure of exchange and the reason given - 'operational' problems!

You're allowed to buy gold futures, but you are not allowed to sell them, it appears. My guess is this will make the selling pressure all the worse.


Me said...

APMEX is still up

Perhaps it's just London?

georgesilver said...

This is not the London Gold Market.

An interesting side-show that shows there is a scarcity of physical gold and Silver. The futures "paper" market is finally parting from the real physical market.

I don't call myself georgesilver for nothing.

Me said...

new from Ben Fulford