Friday, September 30, 2011

CNN Announces Nibiru's Arrival

There were 5 5+ earthquakes on 27th September 2011 at different points around the globe. The full effects of Nibiru's passing are billed as being catastrophic by some sources, and of curiosity value only by others.

Other reports mention raised solar flare activity in the last two days.

The elite's underground bunker system would seem to be a useful place to ride out the storm, but some of these have been blown up in recent weeks, by the US military trying to bring the CIA to heel.

If this story is all true, it will only be by the end of the year, after the 22nd November that this event will be over and the dwarf star will have passed on its way.

The next passings (October and November) might be of far greater impact as the dwarf star will be in alignment with the earth and the sun, but next time sun, earth, Nibiru. Some fear this could set off a reversal in the poles, causing massive flooding, tsunamis and the cancellation of the number 430 bus from Roehampton.

The reports from Gordon Logan indicated that the elites were choosing just such a moment to depopulate the planet, enhancing the effects of solar flares by using HAARP to disable the magnetosphere. But with their bunkers nuked, they might have to reconsider such a plan.

I know that Me in comments will have something to add to all this. As the dwarf star passed most recently at the time of Moses and the flight from Egypt, there is not a lot to go on from its previous track record. Yet Moses was still around after it had gone on its way, so that can't all be bad. Mind you the Egyptians didn't do so well if you remember.

Conservative interpretation of The Book Of Exodus -

“[W]ind alone did not do all that was necessary in this instance. God alone had to intervene with additional supernatural power. We know that the water involved was deep, and not merely that of a marshy area, for later the Egyptians were drowned in it (Exod. 14:27-28). More-over, the lake bottom was made sufficiently dry (Exod. 14:22, the Hebrew using yahbashah) so that Israelites could drive their wagons over it. Still further, the path had to be very wide, perhaps as much as a mile, to permit more than two million Israelites to cross during part of one night. To push back water for a half mile on one side and a half mile on the other side would indeed take the miraculous power of Almighty God” (Wood, p. 106).

(or one of his planets!)

Me's last comment on this was -

......Elenin has - coincidence or not - been in a Sun - Earth - Elenin conjunction twice in the last two years. Each time corresponded with a rare mega 8.0+ earthquake. To put that in perspective, there have only been three 8.0+ quakes in the last four years!

Only thing I'm interested in about Elenin is whether on November 22nd when the Sun - Earth - Elenin alignment happens next we get another axis moving quake. The alignment on the 27th September is Sun - Elenin - Earth so I don't know if that counts or not.

Question - Is Elenin just a modern name for Nibiru?


georgesilver said...

You are starting to jump to conclusions.

Non of these reports say that this object is anywhere near the Sun or even anywhere near the orbit of Earth.

Find an authoritative report from a scientific journal or even a published amateur and I might take this seriously.

Elenin or whatever was supposed to create havoc and I'm looking out at my garden and nothing has changed.

One thing I do notice is that all of the "doom" dates you see on the internet are gradually being revised as nothing happens.

Tapestry said...

Are CNN lying?

Tapestry said...

By the time a scientist is willing to write anything, it's all over.

The academic fraternity treads carefully into the future facing backwards into the past.

Bloggers have to deal with today.

georgesilver said...

If you listen Tap to the report carefully he says that the object is far beyond Pluto and refers to a newspaper article which also says that the object is at an extreme distance away from us or the Sun.

Everyone makes out that this "dwarf-star" is right next door and coming up the street.

People love to jump to conclusions which aren't there.

I not being awkward. I just like my proof served hot and real.

Me said...

This is - presumably - the Independent report that the newscaster referred too. Both youtube uypload and report are from Feb 2011.

New gas giant planet - possibly to be called Tyche - thought to have been discovered in the outer solar system.

"But scientists now believe the proof of its existence has already been gathered by a Nasa space telescope, Wise, and is just waiting to be analysed.

The first tranche of data is to be released in April, and astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette think it will reveal Tyche within two years."

I suspect "Nibiru" will be this planet and Elenin is something else. Presumably there is a good reason to just sit on the data.

It's funny that when the mass media says something original that possibly has an element of truth people say "don't believe everything in the media" but when it's propaganda and lies you are a conspiracy theorist for not believing it.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know about the earths planatary collisions (and yes one of these was responsible for parting of the red sea) then read Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision (I'm in the camp that believes its the greatest piece of scientific thinking ever. Of course he committed scientific, heresy, like Galileo, and was effectely blacklisted from universities by Macmillan publishers).

Velikovsky doesn't rule out that another large planet could wonder into out solar system and cause havoc all over again. God help us if this does ever happen.

I urge you to read his books if want to discover the true history of catastrophies on earth, like the biblical flood (caused by saturn supernova ejecting hydrogen which reached our atmophere). You don't ever hear about the great man now which shame considering he was the greatest thinker that ever lived.


Tapestry said...

From Gillian by email

CNN may or may not be correct in their reporting of a planet. It depends on who or what organisation is pulling their strings.
It is possible that this news report is part of preparing the world for a fake alien invasion. Or not. I don't know.

The Sumerians however, definitely knew a thing or two. The fact that their drawings/etchings of our solar system were 100%
correct cannot be dismissed imho. So for me and many others also find it easy to accept that planet x Nibiru does exist.
They clearly show this planet in their drawings. Therefore, the fact they were correct about the existence and alignment of all the other planets leads me to believe they were and are also correct about Nibiru.

It occurs to me that if the crazy elite were to go ahead with a fake alien invasion and then the "real deal" i.e. the Annunaki decide to pay us a visit. Then the elite will be hoisted by their own petard.


Tapestry said...

Scott - thanks for Velikovsky. A great line of enquiry for the weekend!

Catastrophe plurals as catastrophes. I used to get that one wrong til a reader corrected me!