Monday, January 31, 2011

Internet Kill Switch Brings Mubarak To Negotiating Table.

Gunboat diplomacy gave way to cruise missile.  Now the weapon of choice for loading political pressure onto undesirable governments is the internet kill-switch.  Empty ATMs are just one result.

The campaign in Egypt to fell Mubarak runs on day after day, but it just got interesting.  The internet and the broadcasters are down, and the army is on the streets, and now the latest Rockefeller dirty tactic is being deployed - bringing the country's cash machines to a grinding halt.

The OWG has discovered a weapon more powerful than the aircraft carrier, the cruise missile or assassination - killing the internet.  What better way to close down a country than to kill communications, empty the cash system and prevent the supply of money.  The Army won't have any countermeasures against the ensuing chaos.

From PB comments

iainmartinwsj Iain Martin
BBC reports Egyptian banking system seizing up, cash machines empty, banks running out of money. They need to call in Gordon Brown… #egypt

Senator Joe Lieberman 'the internet is a dangerous place'


Twig said...

I think they just haven't refilled them due to the risk of looting.

Tapestry said...

good excuse!

Twig said...

If you were a bank manager and there were thousands of rioters wreaking havoc outside in the street, would you stick bundles of cash into a hole in the wall machine?

Be honest.

Tapestry said...


If I was a bank manager I would want to have some cash to give to customers. The supply of cash is drying up according to reports, not just in areas affected by rioting. It smacks of pressure being exerted by those who control the international banking system.