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False flag events - the Malaysia connection

The first and most obvious suspicion is that this is Malaysian Airlines, part deux.  I am not saying anything ridiculous like they are the same planes, but rather that two Malaysian Airlines flights become “diverted” to become center stage media foci within a month as mere coincidence stretches credulity.  One recalls immediately the numerous TWA flights of the last several decades that mysteriously were lost, hijacked and shot down, all of which served specific political motives advantageous to the Western establishment.  A second related question involves Malaysian Airlines itself – who owns this airline, and what intelligence agencies might be able to utilize it for such covert operations?  Hardly anyone in the media is asking this question, nor was it asked the last go around.
Malaysian Airlines was started by the Liverpool-based Ocean Group together with Imperial Airways, back in 1937.  It is crucial to note that Malaysia was a part of the British Empire, and thus associations with British Intelligence will not be far removed.  Though the company was broken up soon thereafter, it was incorporated with various shareholders holding close connections to, and positions in, offices of Malaysian government.  For example, former Malaysian Airlines CEO Idris Jala formerly held high level positions with gas giant and Western establishment megacorporation, Shell, before entering Malaysian politics.  Malaysian Airlines is a GLC, or “government linked company,” which we can translate into intelligence linked company, bringing to mind classic examples of intelligence linked airlines, such as Evergreen, the famed CIA shell company that succeeded Air America.  Consider the extent of the CIA connections to airlines according to a 1986 Time Magazine article:
“Officially, the CIA says it has no record that Doole ever worked there, but among old agency hands, he is a legend. Operating out of a small, nondescript office on Connecticut Avenue, he founded and ran a far-flung network of airlines that the agency used to carry out its covert operations all over the world. Owned by a holding company, the Pacific Corp., that was itself a CIA front, Doole’s empire included Air America, Civil Air Transport, Southern Air Transport, Air Asia and dozens of small puddle-jumper lines. Together, at their peak in the mid ’60s, these CIA “proprietaries” added up to an airline that was almost the size of TWA, employing nearly 20,000 people (as many as the CIA itself) and operating some 200 planes. Even the CIA was not sure just how many. Asked by then Deputy Director Helms to account for all the planes in Doole’s regime, a staffer spent three months on the project before confessing that he could never be more than 90% certain. The problem, explained the exasperated staffer, was that Doole was forever leasing planes between his shell corporations and changing their markings and tail numbers.”
Malaysia is also home to a host of Western intelligence shady dealings, according to insider Peter Levenda.  Levenda claims as follows in his Sinister Forces, Vol. 3:
“Friends of mine in Kuala Lumpur-otherwise intelligent, rational people with a love for business and the easy, good life of their tropical paradise-take it for granted that the world has targeted Muslim Malaysia out of jealousy for the strength of their economy…[erroneously thinking] there was simply no truth to the reports that Malaysia was a haven for terrorists, even as one of their political parties praised the bombers of Bali, the World Trade Center, of the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta and met with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders in Malaysia in May of 2002.” (pg. 443)

Indeed, Malaysia was a meeting place of some of the bombers on 9/11.   More details below -

A CONVICTED paedophile in West Yorkshire had his sentencing adjourned because he claims to have information on child abuse allegedly being covered up in Westminster in the 1970s.

According to his barrister, Michael McAuliffe says he is also able to provide information about further child abuse and paedophile rings.

James Bourne-Arton QC, defending McAuliffe, asked the court whether his client’s case could be adjourned for police investigations into his claims to be made.
Mr Bourne-Arton told Bradford Crown Court today that his client “has information to the abuse covered up in the 1970s in Westminster”.

“He also said there was other evidence of child abuse and paedophile rings he was able to give information of,” he added.

McAuliffe was in court to be sentenced for a string of child porn image charges after an off-duty policewoman spotted him in London – where he had tried to escape justice by changing his name.

The 50-year-old, who changed his name to Ashley Peters, was registered with West Yorkshire Police and legally bound to notify the force of any change in address following child porn convictions.

Aaron Schwartz internet hero - the movie

Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz helped stop Congressional criminals from banning free speech on the Internet. 

 In retaliation, the government put charges on him for a trivial offense that would have put him in jail for 35 years. Reportedly he hung himself. I note that the last person of his stature to die by hanging in New York City was Mark Lombardi, the artist who made intricate diagrams of the connections between the Bush and Bin Laden families and got them shown in the Guggenheim museum. 

 To me, it's just as likely that there is an assassin based in NYC who is skilled at staging murders to look like suicide by hanging as it is that these two potent political figures hung themselves. - See more at:


Israeli military shell the Gaza neighborhood of Shejaiya all night with nonstop tank fire and allowed no emergency services to approach

Editorial Position of the New York Times: “Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter”

Global Research, July 21, 2014

By Abba Solomon and Norman Solomon
Over the weekend, the New York Times sent out a clear signal: the mass slaughter of civilians is acceptable when the Israeli military is doing the killing.

Under the headline “Israel’s War in Gaza,” the most powerful newspaper in the United States editorialized that such carnage is necessary. The lead editorial in the July 19 edition flashed a bright green light — reassuring the U.S. and Israeli governments that the horrors being inflicted in Gaza were not too horrible.

From its first words, the editorial methodically set out to justify what Israel was doing.

“After 10 days of aerial bombardment,” the editorial began, “Israel sent tanks and ground troops into Gaza to keep Hamas from pummeling Israeli cities with rockets and carrying out terrorist attacks via underground tunnels.”
The choice of when to date the start of the crisis was part of the methodical detour around inconvenient facts.
For instance, no mention of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s June 30 announcement that the “human animals” of Hamas would “pay” after three Israeli teenagers kidnapped in Israeli-controlled territory in the West Bank were found dead. No mention of the absence of evidence that Hamas leadership was involved in those murders.
Likewise, absent from the editorializing sequence was Israel’s June “crackdown” in the West Bank, with home raids, area closures, imprisonment of hundreds of Hamas party activists including legislators.

Most of all, the vile core of the Times editorial was its devaluation of Palestinian lives in sharp contrast to Israeli lives.

The Times editorial declared that Hamas leaders “deserve condemnation” for military actions from civilian areas in the dense Gaza enclave — but Netanyahu merited mere expressions of “concern” about “further escalation.” Absent from the editorial was any criticism of Israel’s ongoing bombardment of homes, apartment blocks, hospitals, beaches and other civilian areas with U.S.-supplied ordinance.

At the time, there had been one Israeli death from the hostilities — and at least 260 deaths among Gazans as well as injuries in the thousands. The contrast illuminates a grotesque difference in the Times’ willingness to truly value the humanity of Israelis and Palestinians.

In the morally skewed universe that the Times editorial board evidently inhabits and eagerly promulgates, Hamas intends to “terrorize” Israeli citizens while Israel merely intends to accomplish military objectives by dropping thousands of tons of bombs on Palestinian people in Gaza.

A keynote of the editorial came when it proclaimed: “There was no way Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was going to tolerate the Hamas bombardments, which are indiscriminately lobbed at Israeli population centers. Nor should he.”
While sprinkling in a handwringing couple of phrases about dead and wounded civilians, the editorial had nothing to say in condemnation of the Israeli force killing and maiming them in large numbers.

Between the lines was a tacit message to Israel: Kill more. It’s OK. Kill more.

And to Israel’s patrons in Washington: Stand behind Israel’s mass killing in Gaza. Under the unfortunate circumstances, it’s needed.
When the editorial came off the press, the Israeli military was just getting started. And no doubt Israeli leaders, from Netanyahu on down, were heartened by the good war-making seal of approval from the New York Times.

After all, the most influential media voice in the United States — where the government is the main backer of Israel’s power — was proclaiming that the mass killing by the Israeli military was regrettable but not objectionable.

The night after the Times editorial went to press, the killing escalated. Among the calamities: the Israeli military shelled the Gaza neighborhood of Shejaiya throughout the night with nonstop tank fire that allowed no emergency services to approach. Eyewitness media reports from Shejaiya recounted scenes of “absolute devastation” with bodies strewn in the streets and the ruins.

Zionist paedophiles take Britain into multiple wars

In the early months of 2003, just prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, and working in conjunction with a London-based freelance journalist, who had thoroughly double-checked exposures published by the Scottish ‘Sunday Herald’ newspaper, I publicised details of a child-sex ring linked to senior ministers within the Blair government.

I initially published my findings, stemming from discrete leaks from a secret list provided by the American FBI to the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper, and concomitantly discovered that Tony Blair had issued a gagging order to suppress all further discussion of a scandal that would most certainly have brought a swift end to his administration and made Britain’s collusion in the destruction of Iraq impossible.

The articles I wrote concerning the “Operation Ore” cover-up and the 100-year blackout order imposed upon the report concerning the Dunblane massacre of children used and abused by senior Scottish Labour government ministers can still be found here:

Alleged Pedophiles at Helm of Britain's War Machine, Massive Cover-Up [Ref. 1]

Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Ring Spells the End For His Career [Ref. 2]

Blackout in Britain: Alleged Pedophiles Helm Blair's War Room

Blackout in Britain: Alleged Paedophiles at Helm of Britain’s War Machine

Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring

Cremation of Care: The New World Order and the Dunblane Shootings

Dunblane Secret Documents Contain Letters by Tory and Labour Ministers

These stories, which also implicated the Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith, former NATO Boss Lord Robertson, and the Svengali of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s rise to power, the flamboyant homosexual Peter Mandelson (now Lord Mandelson), were widely publicised on the Internet, excited debate within numerous online forums, and inspired Robert Kilroy-Silk’s former Veritas Party to undertake a detailed examination of the extent to which senior and junior ministers close to Gordon Brown were given free licence to engage in paedophiliac activities under the protection of the British intelligence services.

The ‘Sunday Herald’s’ incendiary story (“Child Porn Arrests Too Slow”, 19 January 2003), written by its Home Affair’s correspondent Neil Mackay, disappeared rapidly from the Internet within weeks of my exposure. Mackay’s editor, at first cooperative, subsequently refused to answer any further enquiries put to him by myself and the freelance journalist Bob Kearley.

Each and every letter I sent to the British Home Office, Scotland Yard and the Sunday Times solicited not one single reply.

Lord Robertson, a self-confessed Freemasonic member of Edinburgh’s sinister “Speculative Society” lodge, who enjoyed a peculiarly close personal relationship with Thomas Hamilton, the mass murderer of abused children in Dunblane, failed to sue the Sunday Herald for libel and promptly disappeared from public life. Police records revealed that Robertson had helped expedite the process by which the Manchurian Candidate, Hamilton, already a convicted child molester with known affiliations to the British elite, was able to obtain gun licenses. 

Roberston worked in collusion with Michael Forsyth (Secretary of State for Scotland), a fellow “Speculative Freemason” and Robert Bell, an associate of Malcolm Rifkind (British Foreign Secretary). Robertson, at the behest of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, had a vested interest in ‘wasting’ children who were beginning to talk.

Silicone Dummy Detected in Wreckage of MH17 Crash Hoax - Nodisinfo


RUnews claims to be the source of the first photos of the crash site. You can see from their pictures that everything is seriously burned. Where are 298 bodies??

Also this article: 28 exotic & illegal birds were on-board the flight. The dead birds don't look scorched. They look planted as well.. 

Zionist Terror— 20 July 2014
Silicone Dummy Detected in Wreckage of MH17 Crash Hoax

Silicone Dummy Detected in Wreckage of MH17 Crash Hoax

What is this entity found amid the wreckage of an airplane touted as Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17? It has created a degree of shock around the world.
To the initial viewing it might seem horrid. No one would seek to closely analyze it. Yet, is truly macabre, horrific? Or, it something else?
The entity doesn’t seem to have an actual name, even though in all likelihood its passport is brand-new. Plus, there are no grieving relatives for it: how sad. It would be thought that at least someone would be waiting for news regarding it at Zionist-controlled Schiphol Airport to at least shed a few fake tears.

It is all about shock value. In this regard on a mere cursory glance to a degree it does look like a bloated, dead being. Yet, it is simply too surreal, too staged – too obvious. In fact, what it is really seen is a Dapper Cadaver Dummy.  It’s a silicon fake, as pointed out by a number of posters. Too, it doesn’t have even a shred of clothes on it. Even the underwear is non-existent. How could that happen?
That explains why the entity doesn’t bleed. It also explains its rubber-like ’tissues’ and the fact that it appears to be virtually cushioned.

What about the eyes? Is what is seen to be expected from such a violent accident, that is the popping out of the eyes?

That’s merely another element of the hoax. In Hollywood jargon these are known as pop-eyes. Moreover, they are placed into the fake faces of dapper cadavers for shock effect:
This can be the only explanation for what is seen in the imagery – it is surreal, artificial, not natural. With that degree of impact it is unlikely that the body would even be this intact; moreover, if the pressures were that great to pop out the eyes, brain matter would also be protruding. Clearly, then, this element on the ground, in terms of the eyes, mimics the pop-out.

People are being bamboozled. It could well be that all the gory images seen in reference to the pictured corpses are actually silicone cadaver dummies. If they are real bodies in the mix, then, they would have to have been planted, as a real crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 did not occur.
Therefore, this is a Hollywood prop. Moreover, it’s existence indicates that this hoax was a professional job involving actual film producers.
At first it was held, here, that this could be an actual body with a plane component wedged into it. That presumption no longer holds true; there is no blood of any kind on this silicone fake. Nor is there any evidence of burn injury, as would be expected from the missile strike and its categorical ignition of jet fuel.
Here is what would be expected in terms of  the consequences to the human body from such an intensely burning petrol-based fire:
There is no such grotesque destruction of human corpses notable at the site.
Therefore, this is a false flag act which does not in any way involve an actual downing of an airliner. Since the airliner wasn’t down – nor did it crash – then, there were no passenger deaths or injuries. Any claim otherwise is fraudulent.
At 35s into this vid you can see the naked guy / dummy... Any comments?

I'm not sure where Nodisinfo got that pic from... There must be loads of pics taken, but few online i can find. 

MH-17 inconsistencies in the main media narrative. US Government uses passenger aircraft incident to push world towards a war footing.

MH-17 was ordered by Kiev Air traffic control to reduce height just before it was shot down.  The known facts don't fit the mainstream narrative, being pumped into your head, says Patrick Henningsen.

I was at a party yesterday, and was amazed that all the males there believe totally that Putin was behind the shooting down of MH-17. Not one of them seemed to be aware of the alternative media.

The plane's course was diverted slightly to bring it over the so-called Russian separatists' area.

The flight was cancelled.  See flightradar.  

Yet it flew.

Passports placed on the main media channels were all in perfect mint condition.  Some of the passports shown had hole punches in them, and were invalid.  The names of the handful of passports in a youtube video match the names on the flight manifest.

Andrew Stephens CNN confirmed there were no Ukrainian emergency personnel on the ground.  There were no Russian separatists at the site.  Yet Kiev put out the opposite, saying they sent 200 emergency personnel.

The news in Kiev said the bodies were starting to decompose 24 hours after the crash.  Kiev was delaying the arrival of personnel.

It looks more like a bomb than a missile.  More like Lockerbie.

Human remains falling from 30,000 feet should be unrecognisable after impact with ground.

Why was the plane allowed to fly into this area, a n area where a military plane had been shot down days beforehand?  The flight was directed into the area, and were asked to lower their altitude just before the explosion.

To start a war, a passenger airline incident is probably one of the best.  Operation Northwood.  Blowing up passenger aircraft is a known US plan for starting earlier wars.  9/11.  The Gulf Of Tonkin.  A lot of people still believe a passenger aircraft hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  People have to start looking for themselves.

They're moving the world onto a war footing.  That's what this is about.

State Department is deaf to questions of the Palestinians right to defend themselves, or even their right to live peacefully.