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Bloodsport - Israelis celebrate as Palestinians die

Bloodsport: Israelis Gather, Watch, Cheer, Celebrate Over 1,200 Dead in Gaza

21st Century Wire says…

Before the start of Israel’s siege of Gaza, we predicted that the government of Israel would not relent until approximately ’1,500′ Palestinians were dead. That looks to be the case this time around, as the death toll in Gaza reaches 1,200 today. Tel Aviv made noises to the effect that they want to continue their military campaign until they feel that Gaza is ‘disarmed’, or crippled with the inability to resist, in any way, Tel Aviv’s strangulation of Gaza.

Previous over-the-top bombing campaigns and ground incursions in Gaza and Lebanon have seen those numbers reached, before Israel would back down on hostilities. If past history is any guide, the 1,500 number seems to be limit before international, and even US, public opinion kicks in and demands an end to hostilities by the IDF.

Israelis Celebrate the Massacre

As Israelis gather, appearing to celebrate (see below) this latest massacre waged in the name of ‘security’, long-term observers of Israeli military’ operations can easily see a bombastic pattern, of wanton bloodsport, becoming the new standard for Israel.

There are many other, more humane voices within Israel, who are repeatedly silenced and marginalized because of their nonviolent stance. Last night on CNN, anchor Don Lemon hosted a panel to discuss the violence in Israel: Marc Lamont-Hill (American), Peter Beinart (Israeli) and of course,  Alan Dershowitz. Moderate Peter Beinart was all but ignored by Lemon, who chose to give the majority of talking time to the more militant Zionist, Dershowitz, who claimed that the entire IDF operation was only about “tunnels”. As a result of this routine marginalization of moderate, reasonable voices on the Gaza and Israel, American audiences are conditioned to believe what they hear – and on CNN, all they can hear is Dershowitz calling for more militarized violence by the IDF.

One of the most disturbing aspects of Israeli society has to be the enthusiasm with which some Israelis display for mass killing of Palestinian civilians, particularly women and children.

In the video below, dated July 26, 2014, a large crowd of young Israelis, each decked out in designer T-shirts, iPhones, back-packs, and tattoos, can be seen proudly festooning and shouting as they chant en mass, “There’s no school tomorrow, there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”. From a sociological or psychological analytical perspective, this can only be described as an extremely dark, low point for humanity. Watch:

For other Israelis, the Gaza massacre is a morbid form of entertainment. A number of media reports featured people gathering on Israeli hillsides to drink, snack and pose for ‘selfies’ against a background of explosions as Palestinian death toll mounts in ongoing offensive.

“Old sofas, garden chairs, battered car seats and upturned crates provide seating for the spectators. On one hilltop, a swing has been attached to the branches of a pine tree, allowing its occupant to sway gently in the breeze. Some bring bottles of beer or soft drinks and snacks.”
“A group of men huddle around a shisha pipe. Nearly all hold up smartphones to record the explosions or to pose grinning, perhaps with thumbs up, for selfies against a backdrop of black smoke.”

IMAGE: Israelis sit on a hill to watch air strikes on Gaza, some bring drinks and snacks as they cheer the explosions a few miles away. Photograph: UPI/Landov/Barcroft Media (Photo viaGuardian)

This latest Gaza siege by Israel should be disturbing, even to a hardened neocon. The Israeli army claims to have “targeted hundreds terror sites” in Gaza, yet, their not required to provide any real proof, other than “we say it is” to justify their hourly massacring of civilians and destroying homes. Out of 1.7 million residents crammed into the Gaza Strip, the main UN agency in Gaza, UNRWA, has more than 167,000 displaced Palestinians, forced to take shelter in schools and buildings – before being targeted again for Israel forces.

Doctors Without Borders spread disease across borders.

Hi Tap,

Can't post as much as I would like due to technical difficulties with my telephone line and internet connections which are spasmodic. However, I was pleased to see this morning that you picked up on Mike Adam's article "Fluoride is contaminated with toxic heavy metals,"at

Dr Mercola's latest post reveals that 84 people have been exposed to anthrax.

Over at todays article talks of the deadly Ebola virus which has already killed 600 people in four African countries and that locals are singling out international "aid group" (NGO-CIA) Doctors Without Borders, one Guinian charged, “Wherever those people have passed, the communities have been hit by illness.”

Kind regards,

Spivey arrested at home 2am

Hi Tap,

Just after 2am this morning Chris Spivey's home was raided by six uniformed police and he was arrested for harassment.

Please get the story out there mate and let the world know that despite whatever happens Chris and the TRUTH are NOT going anywhere quick!


Birth deformities to result from Paterson's GMOs all over Europe

Natural News writes -

I've just finished conducting heavy metals tests (via ICP-MS) on the same sodium fluoride that's added to the public water supply via fluoridation.
Guess what? Fluoride is contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals including lead, tungsten, aluminum, uranium and strontium.
Check out the actual lab results in today's exclusive feature:

The total insanity of Michigan food safety authorities has reached another sad milestone of totalitarianism: Look at all the perfectly good food they forced this farmer to destroy!

Scientists are shocked to learn that even low levels of exposure to glyphosate -- the herbicide used on GMO crops -- can cause gross physical deformities:

Why are these four toxins deliberately added to the food supply?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is sacked Paterson plotting with Lord Ashcroft to seize the Party leadership?

Lord Ashcroft on holiday with Owen Patterson in Croatia

TAP.  That's a very big smile for a minister who's just been sacked.  The sacking was a big surprise to all commentators, and Paterson showed real anger that he'd been booted out of his DEFRA appointment.

It must be very nice being in sunny Croatia, but knowing the ambition of politicians, you have to wonder what lies behind that big smile.  It's kinda sending a message to Cameron -

'I'm a lot more dangerous outside the tent pissing in, mate, than I ever was inside the tent pissing out.'  He tweeted -
“Spent the day discussing the future with Lord Ashcroft.”  What did that mean?


Paterson is clearly not headed for the EU as Commissioner. He and Ashcroft are discussing the future, they say, and that future might just include pushing Paterson all the way to the top in Westminster.

Liam Fox is a wounded bird after the Werrity affair, and David Davis has little profile these days.  Ken Clarke has decided to quit.  The path is open.  Conservative MPs are all stressed out with the rise and rise of UKIP.  

Nigel Farage was signalling at the Game Fair that he'd be well in favour of a Paterson regime at his Tory 'opponents'.   Both suffer from excessive ambition and are looking very excited by planning what comes after Cameron.  Paterson, thought of as a eurosceptic, is perfectly placed to offer a platform against UKIP or form an electoral alliance with UKIP.

The big problem for the people of Britain is that Paterson is not a eurosceptic and is sold out.  He attended Bilderberg. He's a fracker, a GMO-supporter and won't admit that chemtrails can be seen trailing across our skies each day. Farage is little different bar the Bilderberg attendance.


The system usually rigs the seats of those it wants in position at the top.  Postal 'voting' is heaviest in the constituencies like Mandelson's and Ken Clarke's and vote counts sometimes surprise in these kind of seats.  Is Paterson being put on the protected species list, if he agrees to continue and advance the sell-out?  

His ambition is not sated yet, it seems, and he's shown by what he's done during his tenure at DEFRA he'll agree to the programme's (Murdoch's) measures as long he gets political position.  He's the ideal candidate for them.   The words he spoke to me about GMOs still ring in my ears.

'It's going to happen anyway,  Henry.  It's just tough.  OK.'  In other words, right and wrong are of no concern.  He just wants to be in there with the powerful, serving their agenda, as that's what best serves his own interests.  His constituents' concerns don't make much or any difference.  

It's clear enough he's really miffed that Cameron made the big fracking expansion announcement, immediately after sacking him.  Cameron has a habit of knifing people in the back and claiming the credit for their work.  Paterson suffered it over the floods finance announcement previously as well as now over fracking.  He wants to get even.


There is a possible outcome here.  He'll play local politics in North Shropshire, by agreeing that unconventional gas extraction (fracking) is unsuitable in his own Constituency, where the issue is climbing fast up the list of priorities, but still back the destruction of Britain by fracking elsewhere where the voters are still alseep.  The Shropshire Council appears to be moving to an anti-fracking position, so he merely needs to endorse that.

Look at the picture he posted of himself.  That's a very big smile.  His tweet shows he's also a sold-out European politician as well as a sold out destroyer of the environment.  Will he agree to absolutely anything?  He posed as a eurosceptic to win over his voters over many years.  Now he's up for being the new Blair.   

He's clearly in favour of environmental destruction and anything else as long as he gets his face back in front of the cameras.  North Shropshire would do Britain a big favour if they were to sling him out at the next election.  He'll need to move along way on a lot of key issues before he'll be getting my support again. 

TELEGRAPH Paterson and Lord Ashcroft 'discuss the future together'

Owen Paterson MP, who was fired as Environment secretary in David Cameron’s reshuffle last week, has posted this photograph of himself with Lord Ashcroft, the former Conservative millionaire donor and now a pollster.
Mr Paterson and his wife Rose have been holidaying with the peer and his wife Susan in Croatia since last Saturday.
The MP – who is a darling of the Conservative Right - captioned the image: “Spent the day discussing the future with Lord Ashcroft.”

Lord Ashcroft is currently funding a new biography of David Cameron, the Tory leader and Prime Minister.

Last week Mr Paterson was pictured with Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, at the Game Fair in Blenheim Palace.

Mr Paterson who only took to Twitter after he resigned was writing on the social network on Monday, following the Government’s fracking announcement.

He wrote: “Europe risks condemning itself to oblivion as global manufacturer if it does not embrace fracking. UK must get a move on.”

NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets.

July 28th, 2014

ukrainejetsSurface to air missile attack ruled out as calibre of cockpit bullet holes puts Ukraine pilots in the frame for MH17 murders

This is what a German pilot-cum-air technology expert Peter Haisenko has just published on the subject of the MH17 disaster (my emphases):
‘The misfortune of the Malaysian MH 017 is known to all. The flight recorder is in England and is being evaluated. What can come of this?
May be more than you want to accept….if you look at the image of Cockpit-Fragments, this picture is certainly shocking.
Entry And Exit holes from bullets in the area of the Cockpit. This is not speculation, but analysis of clear facts: the cockpit shows clear evidence of bullet holes. You can see the entry holes and some exit points. The edges of the bullet holes are bent inwards, these are much smaller and round in shape. A 30mm calibre. The exit holes are less well formed and the edges are torn outwards.

Furthermore it is visible that the exit holes have torn the double aluminium skin and bent them outwards. That is to say, splinters from inside the cockpit blew through the outside of the cabin. The open rivets have also been bent outwards….There is only one conclusion one can make, and that is that this: the
aircraft was not hit by a missile. The damage to the aircraft is exclusively in the cockpit area….
Armour-Piercing Ammunition. Russia has published radar data that a Ukranian SU 25 was close to MH 017. this corresponds with Spanish air traffic control that two Ukranian fighter aircraft were in direct contact with MH 017. Examine the weaponry of the SU 25: it is fitted
out with a 30mm cannon Type GSch-302 /AO-17A, with 250 rounds of splintering exploding bullets on a belt – shrapnel rounds. The cockpit of MH 017 was hit from TWO sides, as there are entry and exit holes on the same side….’
Very compelling stuff, is it not?
Now read this (also German) article by defence expert Bernd Biederman, who offers equally sound reasons why the
shooting down could NOT have been from a surface to air missile:
‘ the shooting down of the Malaysian
Boeing on July 17 in the Eastern Ukraine “could not have been hit by a surface to air defense missile” .
This is the assessment of retired Colonel Bernd Biedermann in an article for the daily newspaper published in Berlin “new Germany”(Thursday edition). Had splinters from a surface to air missile hit the plane, it would have immediately caught fire, argues the NVA anti-aircraft missile specialist. His reasoning is because of the “enormous frictional heat that the splinters generate on penetrating the fuselage. A single splinter contains the same kinetic energy as a
40-ton freight car hitting the buffers at 60 kilometers per hour.” In the case of the Malaysian Boeing, scattered fires had broken out after the impact with the ground, because hot debris from the aircraft had come in contact with combustible materials.
Biedermann is familiar with Soviet and Russian air defense technology, he led units in the duty officer system in East Germany and taught at the Military Academy in the field of anti-aircraft missile troops.’
Articles are beginning to appear across the Web to the effect that Angela Merkel is disturbed by (and growing tired of) the incessant US propaganda being emitted in favour of its energy agenda….and so we must perhaps in turn view these articles in the light of her alleged new agenda concerning the creation of an alternative bloc to that of America. (More on this here in the near future).
But spin or not, these analyses make sense. The US State Dept has now shifted its position from ‘Russian atrocity’ to ‘tragic accident’. The above opinions suggest that neither are true: they suggest strongly that the Ukrainian air force took out MH17.


Anti-fracking campers categorised as 'Domestic Extremists' by MI5

A clutch of 'domestic extremists' brew up a cup of tea in a cow pasture

I dropped in at the 'camp' this evening on the way back from Wales, after I heard from a neighbour that there were a number of police cars in the lane.   As I arrived, the Police cars had just gone.  The 'officers' wanted the names and addresses of all the campers.  Whether they gave them, I am not sure.

What the protectors did tell me however is that they are to their knowledge listed by MI5 as 'Domestic Extremists'.  As one of them passed me a nice hot cup of tea from a kettle boiled up on the camp fire, wiping the mug clean with a tea towel, I could see exactly what MI5 mean!  It was the very height of domesticity practised in a cow pasture, extremely impressive - in a phrase domestic extremism!

People who want to blow up buildings with bombs or attack people with weapons should be categorised as extremists, although we see such actions met with near congratulation on the news each day in the main media, Israel destroying the lives of Palestinians, for example.

That is not what we have here.  On the contrary we have a quiet and polite group of individuals determined to do nothing other than save the environment, to protect wild animals from gas developers who want them out of the way, and stop the destruction of Britain's water reserves, our soil and prevent the poisoning of our air to boot.  These gentle, right-minded and unbelievably dedicated people should not be classified alongside murderers like David Cameron and Tony Blair.  

On the contrary they should be congratulated for making the stand that we all should be making, to stop the insanity of fracking, or as we are told to call it, unconventional gas extraction.

They all have lives to go to, children to care for, jobs and businesses to attend to, yet they are committed to camping in a field in all weathers, ensuring that their occupation under Section 6 of the Public Order Act delays and impedes the actions of the real terrorists, those intent on the destruction of our lands and our communities, the motherfrackers.  They are all hidden from view, cosying up with Lord Browne and David Cameron, salivating over how they can turn the supply of fresh water into the most profitable business ever devised on the planet.

To do that, they need to first destroy all water resources, such as the Shropshire aquifer which starts beneath Brooklands Farm in Dudleston and stretches for miles across the Shropshire Plain.  By sinking a drill through the aquifer and down to the methane bed, the two can be joined up with nothing less than a steel pipe to prevent the permanent destruction of this water resource.  The pipe is said to be indestructible.  Nothing is indestructible and of course it will ultimately give way.  Contamination sooner or later is inevitable once a drill has punctured the aquifer, exposing it to methane gas rising up from below.

The dirty and polluted water from the old coal mining seams will have to be pumped out if permission gets the go-ahead to exploit the methane.  The millions of gallons will not all be tankered away for reprocessing.  Some will seep/flow into the brook which feeds into the River Dee.  Just a single 'one million pound drill' at Brooklands Farm can, with ease, make the river water unusable due to radioactivity, and render the aquifer permanently unusable from methane, all at the same time.  Not a bad day's work for those who know that fresh water is the most valuable, yet unexploited, resource on the planet.  

Funnily enough this is where the frackers and the anti-fracking protectors are in agreement.  Water is what this is mostly all about, and the realisation that here is a commodity that no one can live without.  It's just that the protectors are a helluva lot more honest about what's going on than the motherfrackers.  

That's what makes the protectors into extremists in the eyes of those who want humanity reduced in number to meet the objectives of Agenda 21, and the remaining number to be enslaved inside an urban totalitarian state which controls every drop of water each person receives.  Such horrors sound like a bad dream.  It is indeed exactly that, and a dream that will become reality unless people wake up and start occupying the ground the motherfrackers intend to drill through.

Come and visit the camp if you can.  You will find there a great atmosphere and a feeling that right must win out over the evil of fracking.  You can find there another side of yourself, and of life in Britain today, where everything important is getting devalued and lost inside deliberately sown cultural confusion.  Be clear.  This is reality.  You are needed.  Your life and freedom hang in the balance.  Here you can do something to turn it all around.

Keith Barrow, leader of the Shropshire Council, visited the camp this morning.  The Shropshire Star interviewed the camp, as well as BBC Radio Shropshire and the Oswestry Advertizer.


Re Advertizer article -  ***** and myself were in the paper today. I can't say that either of us are too pleased with it saying we were determined protesters who have set up camp!  Luckily we can see the funny side, but still think they are wrong in implying this.

I had clearly stated that we were supporters visiting the camp for the purpose of the photo not protesters. I witnessed it being written down by the photographer.

I have contacted the reporter and explained how disappointed we had been on how they have portrayed us as protesters who have set the camp up when we clearly haven't. 

***** and myself have both strongly objected to the proposed drilling along with almost 500 other people and there have been many local people who have visited the camp in support.

TAP - do any media care about any of the details they report?

Who owns Israel?

The Rothschilds own 80% of Israel,

according to Simon Schama. They built the Israeli Supreme Court. They own Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), the two biggest media agencies in the world. They have a controlling share in the Royal Dutch oil company, the Bank of England and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). They foment wars, install presidents, dethrone kings and bankrupt nations, such is their power.

Support Jobbik

A good mix of articles from the Activist Post!  And the following note from me with links to Jobbik Party of Hungary and Nodisinfo (for ongoing real news) and several videos.

Zionist Jews are working hard to start a war against Russia in order to destroy Russia once again.  Over 66 million Russians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews during the Bolshevik Revolution which the Zionists (who were the Communists in Russia) try to keep secret.

There is also a possibility of America going to war with China on behalf of the Zionists.  Another country they want to destroy is Iran.

Zionist owned Mainstraem media has started once again to warn people about a possible black out in the US which means they are planning a false flag to start WW 111 and they will falsely blame it on Russia, China or Iran. What ever takes place it will be Zionist orchestrated. It is all about creating disasters to harm humanity which is a Zionist trade mark. Israel also has a plot to nuke many American and European cities (Sampson option) when ever Israel wants.

Those are large scale Zionist operations to cause havoc to the lives of millions of people. Then there are also free energy devices Zionists use to radiate people who oppose their tyranny and during the course of the day especially in the morning this microwave energy is directed at me. I know what they do to people and I know the symptoms of this energy weapon.

Here is another way to harm. Our water is oily and they have been adding some new poison in addition to the poisons like Fluoride which they started decades ago. Recently there were some unnecessary and suspicious replacement of water and gas pipes in the area I live which could help them to poison people selectively with the new technology at their disposal. When you are dealing with a vicious tribe your life is at risk but if it can save humanity it is fully worth.

Late President Hugo Chavez blamed Zionists for his cancer and I believe what he said. Cruel Zionists kill people in a variety of ways one way is to radiate them using a cell phone tower or smartmeter technology both of which use free energy. Americans have funded all different types of research including research to have them killed and most of them have no clue about these dangers from new technology available to the Zionists paid for by the American public.

Zionists also spread false propaganda and lies about others as well as give a hard time to anyone who wants to do some good for people. Zionists have given the British politician and UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP a difficult time. He even had a plane crash.  We can only thank God for saving his precious life!  Hungarian Jobbik Party leader and other politicians have come under Zionist attack.  Jobbik appears to be the only political party that has addressed the Zionist Jewish problem openly and courageously.

It is time for other politicians to do the same.  Without addressing this issue there can never be freedom for people and prosperity for people and their countries and true victory for humanity.  Belgium MP Laurent Louis has been a light to the world.  Not only he stood up against the war agenda he also exposed child sex trafficking and Zionists hate him.  They also hated the US politician David Duke who should have been our president for two terms if not for these trouble making Zionist Jews.  They sabotaged his political future.

Thanks for supporting Jobbik Party in Hungary to be the governing party and Belgium MP Laurent Louis in order to get him re-elected.

BBC fails to broadcast my interview yet again

UPDATE - I was wrong, apparently.   A colleague heard me on BBC Radio Shropshire at about 5.15 pm yesterday.  That's all I know so far!


I walked over to the community protection group camp yesterday morning to be met by a BBC interviewer with the unlikely name of James Bond.  He interviewed most of us there using his handy tape recorder and furry microphone, and this was the result - as far as I know.  A reasonable exposure for the camp, it has to be said, but nothing was broadcast as yet about what we said.  The report is simply what's being put out by Dart Energy.  There was one sentence I suppose -

'There is a danger of water contamination.'

That's to put it mildly.  Water is the actual target of the drill, to bust into the aquifer and release methane gas from the coal bed below up and into it, ensuring the water is permanently unuseable.  Water is the intended target of the drill, and not gas.  Tell 'em that, Mr Bond - James Bond.

As for the attempts being made to eliminate the badgers in the wood behind us by men in black visiting at night, and ensure no planning hiccups before the aquifer is destroyed, no mention was made.

Just behind the hedge in the picture is a stream called the Bryn Daniel.  This runs all the way to the Ceiriog and then to the River Dee.  To the left of the picture is a stream running right through the proposed drilling site into the Bryn Daniel.  The use of 600 chemicals and release of underground radiation from the pumped out water from the old coal seam will make the water used by Chester highly contaminated.  Dart claim they will take away all their muck when they've finished.  Yeah.  Right.  This is a water destruction exercise, the purpose being to make water a scarce resource.  We will need to import and pay dearly for it in the future.  In Texas which has been fracked for ten years, the frackers now sell the water.

We particularly asked not to be called protesters, but protectors.  There you go.  That's the BBC for you.  I'm on the left holding Charlie my eldest.  We want him and his children to have fresh clean water, as we do millions of others across the region.  All are still asleep, it seems, believing the kind of crap churned out by the main media every day, of which the below is a fine example.  A single steel pipe is all that will stand between clean water and permanent destruction of the Shropshire aquifer which sits a few hundred feet underneath our tents, safely protected from the methane below, at the moment.  Dart want to end that separation  by drilling a hole to connect the two together.  The innocuous sounding 'test drill' is all they need to achieve this monumental destruction of our most precious resource.

BBC website.

Campaigners object to Dudleston coal bed methane plans

Protest camp at DudlestonProtesters said they would stay at the site until a decision was made on the planning application

A protest camp has been set up at a proposed gas drilling site in north Shropshire.
Dart Energy has applied for permission to dig a test borehole to check for coal bed methane on farmland in Dudleston, near Ellesmere.
The planning application is due to be decided by Shropshire Council by 15 September.
About a dozen people have set up a camp and said they would stay at least until the council made its decision.
The protesters, from Say No To Fracking, said coal bed methane drilling was "too much of an environmental risk" and called on the government to look at why people across the country were campaigning against various forms of gas extraction.
They said there was a danger of water contamination.
Coal bed methane involves drilling down to a coal seam and then removing water to stimulate the flow of methane, which can then be used to produce energy.
Dart Energy was granted planning permission to create a test borehole at the site in 2010, but it expired last year.
The latest plans include drilling a 830m-deep (2,720ft) borehole at the site. If approved by the council, it would remain for a maximum of two months, after which it would be sealed.
Dart Energy has previously said a steel pipe would be inserted into the borehole to stop water being affected.
Regardless of the council's decision on the test borehole, full-scale extraction would require separate planning permission.

German film crew penetrates Area 51

Area 51, AKA Dreamland or Groom Lake, is the most mysterious “top-secret military test facility” in the world. New technologies vital to United States national security are developed here. Insiders claim that even recovered spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin are studied and test flown at Area 51.

Many strange stories speak of government involvement with alien technology and the recovery of alien spacecraft while other stories speak of incredible underground bases and exotic “new world order” technologies designed for global “mind-control” warfare. However, recently obtained government documents now reveal a connection between US military “black budget programs” and alien technology at Area 51.

In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of “Dreamland” and Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

This program presents the facts about these amazing discoveries and includes stunning film footage of the remarkable flight maneuvers of these mysterious alien spacecraft secretly recorded during test flights at Area 51.
Also Check Out:
This is huge info that has been supressed. Please take the time to listen to both parts. Part 1 contains NEVER BEFORE HEARD information about the clear presence of ET life on earth. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

Part 2 contains a very interesting interview with a man who witnessed a ufo. He had gotten in his truck in a hope to get to wherever the UFO was in the desert. He was confronted by two military vehicles and men got out of the vehicles and pointed guns at him. HUGE!

I’m urging all truth warriors to go to Facebook and LIKE the “VT Truth Warriors” page – huge stories breaking there and we are taking ACTION! Also get Glenn Canady’s free ebook “How to Spread 1,000 Times More Truth” using simple tips. Visit his Youtube channel also for VeteransToday Radio and much more! We are being lied to by our fake news and the lies are increasing every day. We have no more time to waste. —— WAKE UP!

Owen Paterson may be gone as DEFRA, but his GMO promises about drought-resistant crops have been proved to be false.

Hillary Clinton backs GMOs to the hilt

By Jon Rappoport

July 28, 2014

The Times of San Diego reports on Hillary Clinton's keynote speech to biotech heavy hitters, at the recent BIO International Convention.

The headline is: "Hillary Clinton Cheers Biotechers, Backing GMOs andFederal Help."

Hillary professes worry that biotech companies are moving theiroperations out of the US. The answer? Federal subsidies, of course:

"'Maybe there's a way of getting a representative group of actors at the table' to discuss how the federal government could help biotechs with 'insurance against risk,' she said.

In other words, stay in the US, carry out as much research as you want to, and we'll knock down lawsuits, pay you for your failures, and support you when you lie and claim your results are positive and pose no risk to human health.


The Times of San Diego continued:

"She [Hillary] said the debate about GMOs might be turned toward the biotech side if the benefits were better explained, noting that the 'Frankensteinish' depictions could be fought with more positive spin."

Yes, we need more spin. And with Hillary, we can count on it. Here's the quote from her speech:

"I stand in favor of using [GMO] seeds and products that have a proven track record...There's a big gap between the facts and what the perceptions are."

So true. The media/government fostered perception is that GMO crops are wonderful, whereas the fact is they're a dangerous failure. (If you need a starter course, refer to and read the whole site from end to end,
including archives.)

In her speech, Hillary cited drought-resistant GMO crops as an example of a breakthrough she championed as secretary of state.

However, in the Union of Concerned Scientists report, "High and Dry," we have this:
"Biotechnology companies such as Monsanto have held out the promise that genetic engineering can...[create] new crop varieties that can thrive under drought conditions
and reduce water demand even under normal conditions....

"Though the mid-2000's saw a surge in field trials for crop varieties with engineered drought tolerance traits, as of 2012 only one such variety-Monsanto's DroughtGard
[corn], containing the engineered gene cspB-had been approved by the USDA.

"The results so far paint a less than spectacular picture of
DroughtGard's effectiveness: USDA analysis of data supplied by Monsanto show that DroughtGard produces only modest
results, and only under moderate drought conditions at that. The report estimates that cspB corn would increase the overall productivity of the U.S. corn crop by only about one percent. And DroughtGard does not improve water use efficiency."

In other words, the whole drought-resistant GMO crop promise is proving to be a dud.

Of course it is, because the strategy of injecting a genetic element that will make crops continue to live in a waterless environment is like pretending plant photosynthesis
can thrive in a perpetually dark cellar. It's a straight-out con, a
billion-dollar hustle.

But Hillary happens to be a willing partner in the hustle.

And her speech in San Diego sent that clear signal to the biotech community: Elect me and we'll work it out. I'll control the cash. You'll issue the fake results.

We'll hit new highs.

She would uphold the tradition of Presidency as the seat of
unconscionable deception.

Equally important, she'd be the first woman President whose family was teetering on the edge of applying for food stamps.  Had to throw that one in there.

Are the Republican any better on the GMO issue? Of course not.  Bipartisan support for GMOs is as firm as a rock, from which both blood (decimation of human health)
and money can be squeezed.

Jon Rappoport

Why are comedians the only truth tellers?


Our best news reporters are all
comedians - Jon Stewart, Steven

Here's a new news source...
they take on the NSA.


- Brasscheck TV

Royalty no longer rules

The Bill of Rights was in 1689.

It was a contract that the incoming William,Prince of Orange had to agree to in order to take the throne.

The throne of England was "in
the gift of the people", not by automatic inheritance.

It also entitled you to be armed.

The moment the first gun control law was passed, the Royal family had broken the contract & are no longer entitled to the throne. 


TAP - Yet Prince Charles controls the United Nations from behind the scenes (Read Joan Veon or find her on Youtube to watch her research into the United Nations, or search on Tap Blog),  and is the driving force behind the sustainability agenda, and the depopulation of the planet.

The UN is just an extension of the power of the British Crown.  Removing arms from human populations is a key goal of Prince Charles and the totalitarians.